Rain Check Device

It appears that El Nino is here with its wet weather and a lot more rain forecasted thru the winter.  A great way to save running to your irrigation timer(s) to turn it off every time it rains is to have a Rain Check device installed.  This is a small device that is mounted outside and wired into your timer.  When it gets wet it automatically shuts off the timer and then in a couple days will allow the timer to operate under its previously set program.  This not only saves you the time turning the timer on and off through out the winter but it saves you a considerable amount of money as well.  Watering already wet or saturated soil or watering during a rain storm just sends your hard earned money running down the gutter.  With water continually going up in price I would determine that a Rain Check device would pay for itself with in two to three years, depending on the amount of rain experienced.

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