Fence Maintenance

If you have fencing on your property, whether it’s wood ,vinyl, chain link or any other, a good rule of thumb would be to check them annually.  Late summer is the best time to do this inspection as it’s before the fall and winter winds.  A sound examination would be to first check all the posts and make sure they are all still securely set in their concrete footings.  Next check the overall frame work and make sure all the connections are tight.  Finally check the fence boards, or wire mesh if you have chain link, and make sure they are secured to the frame work.  If you have wood you will also want to look out for signs of termites eating away the wood.

If you experience problems in any of those areas it is wise to repair them as soon as possible or hire a landscape contractor to make the necessary repairs.  If a heavy wind finds a weak link in the fence, it will blow it over and many times take other sections of fence with it.

Sunny Hills Landscape Inc. is a landscape contractor located in San Juan Capistrano, California.  If you would like more information about this topic please call (949) 616-6381.


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