Irrigation System

Now that spring is officially here it’s a good time to evaluate your irrigation system.  I would suggest checking each valve individually thru the timer.  By doing it this way you can make sure the timer is turning the valve on and off properly.  After you turn an individual station on, go out and look for any leaks either in the pvc pipe or in the sprinkler head itself.  If the sprinkler head is not spraying in the area it should be, adjust it while the water is running so you can make sure it’s spraying where you want it to.  If the sprinkler is not spraying correctly it may have some form of debris in it.  If this is the case turn the water off and remove the nozzle, which is the top part of the sprinkler.  Many sprinklers have a screen under the nozzle and you will want to remove that as well.  Flush out both the screen and nozzle with water and blow thru the nozzle to make sure it’s clear of debris.  Then turn the valve on just long enough to flush any debris out of the sprinkler head.  Put the screen and nozzle back into the sprinkler making sure that the nozzle is pointing in the proper direction of spray.  Check the system one more time making sure your sprinklers are all spraying properly.

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