Retaining Wall Options

If you have slopes on your property and are experiencing soil erosion toward the bottom, or would just like the look of  a small retaining wall, you may want to consider using 6″ by 6″ pressure treated landscape timbers.  The timbers are less expensive and easier to install than a masonry wall plus it adds a nice wood effect to the yard.  When building these small walls a footing is not necessary.  Simply level the soil and lay your first course.  The timbers come in 8′ lengths and can be stacked to achieve the height required.  A #5 steel rebar cut to fit thru the height of the wall and enough to go approximately 18″ into the ground is used to secure the wall.  Drill three to four holes per timber that are big enough to fit the #5 rebar thru.  Then drive the rebar thru the holes and into the ground with a steel mallet until the rebar is flush with the top of the highest timber.  This application is much easier to do if you have a second person helping as the timbers are a bit heavy.

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