Spring Lawn Over Seeding

Spring is the perfect time to over seed your tall fescue lawn.  This also applies to the “mixed” lawns that a lot of folks have.  These are the lawns that have a variety of different grasses in them.  This is a fairly simple procedure that starts with cutting the lawns lower than normal and applying the same type of lawn seed that best match’s your existing lawn.  If you’re not sure what type it is, just dig out a small piece and bring it in to ask the lawn and garden specialist where you plan on buying your seed.  Next you will need to apply the seed to your existing lawn in a drop spreader.  If you don’t own one you could probably buy one at the same store you bought the seed or most rental companies could rent you one.  If the seed is applied over any dirt areas it would be a good idea to buy a bag or two of seed topper to cover the seed in those areas.  This will help keep it from washing/blowing away or birds eating it.  Now make sure to water every day for 10 minutes for approximately the next three weeks and of course do not cut the lawn during that time.  After the three week period is up you will be ready to cut the lawn again.  Remember to keep you mower blade sharp and to cut the lawn up at a higher mower setting.

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