Tree Trimming Before Winter Storms

Fall or early winter tree trimming is important for your safety as well as that of your home or building.  When rainy and or windy conditions show up, as they do in the fall and winter, it is crucial to have a professional licensed and bonded landscape company properly trim all of your trees.  If they are not trimmed the rain water builds up on the leaves and branch’s and makes them heavy and in many cases will cause the branch to break and fall to the ground.  In windy conditions, even if the branch’s are not wet, the extra weight from the over sized branch’s can cause them to break and fall to the ground as well.

The down side to this is when the branch’s come down they can cause damage to your home or building, your vehicles and any thing else that may be outside.  The worst case scenario is that a person may be standing or walking below and is struck causing an injury.

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Drain Line and Catch Basin Maintenance

During this especially heavy rainy season it is extremely important to keep your yard drain line pipes and drain catch basins cleared of any soil or other debris.  If the pipes aren’t clear of debris they won’t function properly and your yard could become flooded.  If the flooding level becomes high enough it could soon find it’s way into your home ruining flooring, cabinets, furniture etc.

To help prevent this catastrophe it is highly suggested to flush your drain pipes and catch basin drains before the rainy season with a garden hose and a small brass pressure nozzle.  Start at the furthest back drain, remove the drain grate and put the hose and nozzle into the pipe.  Turn the water on as high as possible and wait until the water comes out of your curb core clean at the street opening.  If you have a second street curb core opening repeat this process with the other line.   It is also suggested to put 1″ to 2″ gravel around each catch basin drain grate to help filter the water in while keeping the debris out.

Sunny Hills Landscaping is a landscape contractor located in San Juan Capistrano, CA. If you would like more information about this topic please call 949-616-6381.


Water saving lawn tips for the drought

sunnyhills-landscape-lawn-care-blogA lawn is almost always the single largest user of water in the home landscape. Many gardens have large expanses of turf that are never used but require considerable time, effort and resources to maintain. Use turf only when it serves a purpose, such as play or entertainment areas.

Water saving lawn tips: 

  • Select water efficient varieties suited for your local climate
  • Replace nonessential turf with ground covers, mulches, decks and decorative rock
  • Adjust irrigation schedule monthly – to reflect seasonal changes
  • Water at night, ideally between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., this reduces evaporation and wind will not be strong enough to interfere with sprinkler patterns
  • Mow lawns higher during very warm weather
    • Helps reduce growth rate
    • Protects lawn from sunburn
    • Promotes deeper root growth
    • Shades soil, reduces weeds