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To Whom It May Concern:

Paul Neumann of Sunny Hills Landscape has been a member of the Home Improvement Referrals, Inc. since June 22, 1992. At that time our referral service put him through an extensive screening process which included a one hour interview in our office, 15 phone interviews with recent clients, and license and bond verification of his C– 27 license with the California Contractors Licensing Board. His record was flawless and we were enthusiastic about taking him on as a referral member.

Nothing has changed for over four years as Sunny Hills Landscape continues to have an outstanding record with our company. We constantly solicit feedback from our customers to ensure that members are still providing good service in the community. Comments like “very professional, beautiful work, courteous, punctual and on schedule, good prices, wonderful crew and outstanding quote” are characteristic of homeowners’ feedback. In fact a homeowner in Santa Ana recently encouraged me to come out and take pictures she was so pleased.

Paul Neumann is synonymous with professionalism. His goal is customer satisfaction. I feel he has the utmost integrity and is very thorough in his work practices and achieving this goal. We here at Home Improvement Referrals are celebrating 10 years in business and continue to be enthusiastic about referring Sunny Hills Landscape.


Diane F.

I solicited three cost proposals for material and labor to replace my 2600 square foot back lawn and install a new sprinkler system. I selected Sunny Hills Landscape as my contractor for various reasons, the primary being that Paul Neumann “guaranteed his work”. The effort was from start to finish, professional and first rate, and attention given to detail was impressive. Paul and his staff so impressed me that I now have contracted them to provide weekly maintenance on both my front and back yard. The best recommendation I can give the staff of Sunny Hills Landscape is to enclose photos taken of my lawn “Before and after”. A picture is worth a thousand words..


Robert C.

Dear Paul, Thank you for the great service over the many years we had the pleasure of Sunny Hills as our landscaper.

Ann M.

Dear Paul, Bonnie and I would like to let you know how much we appreciate the excellent and beautiful job you and your staff have done for us. First of all you put a lot of time and thought into our yard. Your staff was always here on time and ready to work. You’re the only contractor I have dealt with that did what he said he was going to do and I’ve dealt with a few. You and your staff turned our backyard into a beautiful place that we will enjoy for many years to come.

Thanks again Bonnie and Jerry.

Dear Paul, We will be moving from our home this coming weekend. We will no longer require your services. From the time you installed our landscaping from start to finish it has been beautiful. Your crew are professional, show up on time, are clean, polite, do an excellent job, and not one time in approximately 8 years that we have used your service have we had a single complaint. When I hear my friends say they wish they could find a decent landscape service, I will always say, “you should have mine they are excellent.” So, Paul, I will really miss my yard that we worked together on. Every time we drove up to our house we were proud of how beautiful it looked. We will be looking for a new house in the near future, probably in Orange County and I will be getting in touch with you. You have run a business the way it should be run with the emphasis on service to the customer. Please convey my thanks to the crew who took care of us very week rain or shine. We really enjoyed seeing them each week and the pride they took in their work. Good luck to you. You will always be successful as you put your emphasis on delivering what you promise


Montez B.

P.S. I discussed our gardening service with the couple who bought the house and because of the high recommendation we gave you, she said she wanted to continue with you, and that she didn’t want their landscaping to go downhill. I know they  will be as happy as we were.

Dear Paul, This letter is to notify you that your services will no longer be required effective January 31st.  Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed working with you and your staff.  You’ve always been there for me when I have questions and concerns. Your attention to detail with our landscaping has gained an overwhelming praise from everyone who entered our backyard. I’m going to recommend you to the new owners of the house.

Thank you again for everything.


Phyllis D.

Dear Paul, Thank you so much for all of your services, advice and help in the past years, as we have enjoyed the results of your services immensely.

Thank your men for their care of our yard also. Best wishes to you in the future.


Doris L